Group Empowerment Drumming Protocol

As a Health & Wellness strategy, there are few programs that can affodably realize such positive results as group drumming. The HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming Protocol has been shown to affect participants in many areas. Research has shown that participants enjoy many positive effects including significant reductions in stress (that can lead to burnout), improved mood states, increases in the functionality of the immune system, improvement in the body's ability to fight disease (at the genomic level) and increased camaraderie among participants...all while having FUN!!!


  • Strengthens the Immune System - Natural killer (NK) cell activity was significantly boosted in subjects who drummed compared to controls. Natural killer cells seek out and destroy cancer and virally infected cells in the body.

  • Reduces Burnout - Total Mood Disturbance in employees who drummed was improved by 46%, 62% six weeks after the intervention, suggesting that the benefits continue long afterward.

  • Reduces Employee Turnover - Mood improvements experienced by study participants resulted in a projected 18.3% recuction in employee turnover.

  • Saves Money - A HealthRHYTHMS study conducted at a long-term care facility resulted in a projected cost savings averaging $89,100 per year at a typical 100-bed long-term care facility.

  • Reduces Stress - Recreational Music Making (including group drumming) has been shown to reduce the biological responses at the DNA level that can lead to the development of a host of common diseases.

  • Cost-Effective - The health benefits and the reduction in burnout suggest increased work-force stability, lower employee turnover costs and significant return on investment for HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming.


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