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Mission Presbytery Pastoral Care Committee (2019)

Kevin Cooley (Drumming Around) brought his drumming circle experience to a retreat for Presbyterian pastors.  It was a spectacular experience for all of us.  Everyone, truly everyone, was still singing his praises the next morning and insisted we invite him again next year.  And we have. Thank you, Kevin, for thawing out some of God's frozen chosen.

Rev. Carol Rahn

Moderator, Mission Presbytery Pastoral Care Committee

University of Texas at San Antonio - Music Biz Day 2019

Kevin was absolutely brilliant to work with! I engaged Kevin to lead a NAMM Sponsored drum circle at my event. We had about 150 participants and they all had a great time! Cannot recommend strongly enough!


Dr. Stan Renard

Assistant Professor of Music Marketing

Coordinator of the Music Marketing Program

Department of Music

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Kevin is professional, humorous, compassionate, and positive. He is an excellent musician and his love for drum circles and how they provide joy, therapy, relief, and so much more shows in his face and actions towards all. These circles don’t just “happen” - someone has to know how to encourage, organize, and empower everyone in the room to feel comfortable. Kevin is an excellent facilitator for any size group and any format. I highly recommend Drumming Around!

Sherry Rubins

Percussion Coordinator

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Kinetic Kids

Kevin has provided his Drumming Around events for Kinetic Kids, a non-profit that provides sports and fine arts programs to children with special needs in San Antonio, over the past year.  He has done multiple one-day events as well as a 6-week program, and the response from parents, kids, and staff from every event has been overwhelmingly positive!  He does a truly incredible job of engaging all children, no matter their diagnosis or ability level, and brings such joy and energy to the class that that you can’t help but smile the whole time watching the kids play music, dance around, and show off during their drum solos.  We are so thankful to have Kevin as part of the Kinetic Kids family, and look forward to many more Drumming Around events in the future! -


Michelle Fuentes, PT

Lead Program Director and Intern Coordinator

Chromosome 18 Family Conference

The drum circle session presented by Drumming Around at the Chromosome 18 Family Conference was executed extremely well and was non-stop fun for everyone involved. The participants were engaged the entire session, and remained focused on the task due to the fun, upbeat, and varied activities and the energy of the leader. All ages and ability levels enjoyed themselves equally as the drum circle had a free nature, and participants were given improvisation opportunities frequently. I plan on using many techniques from this session in my own elementary music classroom, including attention-getting signals and prompts for rhythmic elements, and I believe that this group would be successful at any school or community event with any age participants.

Kathleen A., Elementary Music Educator

Bexar County Detention Ministries

On behalf of Bexar County Detention Ministries, and myself, we want to thank you so much for taking the time and effort of making our retreat so fun and enjoyable. None of the employees (except Sister Kathleen) have ever done a Drum Training Retreat before. We really did learn a lot about ourselves and the rest of the staff. Some of the quotes from our staff, regarding the drum training were…

“Because of the Drum Training I came back to work much happier the next day!”

“It was nice being able to bond with staff that we don’t normally get to see all the time!”

“Camaraderie, bonding, and morale went up!”

Again, Kevin, I would like to thank you very much for this special drum training session. It really taught a lot about how to listen and work together, instead of doing things on our own. It helped to build our team work. Normally, when you have a group of people making noise it sounds like total chaos, but the drum training taught us to take all of our sounds and to place them together to create one universal sound—as a WHOLE!!!


We really needed this! Our team building skills have been lacking and because of you and the instruments we were able to not only learn a lesson, but to have fun with it at the same time!!!

Great Job Kevin!

Thanks again,

N. Lizarralde
& Bexar County Detention Ministries Staff


Morningside Ministries Cibolo House - Boerne, TX

Kevin is great with the residents. He gets them to engage and play along on the drums. The first time he came to our facility, I did not think we would have certain residents be active participants, but was surprised when I saw how much they participated. Kevin has a way of bringing out each resident's musical side as well as showcasing each one of their personalities.

A. Del Rio - Activities Director


Elanor Kolitz Hebrew Language Academy

Kevin, the owner, was very easy to work with and he understood the needs of the group. He adapted, and was flexible and very professional. I was very pleased with his performance and I believe it will serve as a motivator for engaging others in the goals of the organization. All was terrific.

J. Schwartz


Bob Ross Senior Center - San Antonio, TX

Just a small note to say “thank you” for your thoughtful invitation to Mr. Cooley’s ‘Drumming Around’.  It was a delightful program experience!  The beat is the soul of music and Mr. Cooley has a marvelous approach to it.  Allowing us to participate was fun!  Much appreciated.

Anonymous Participant


Haven For Hope

As we entered the building with hunched shoulders and faces laden with worry, we were met with Kevin’s exuberant smile. After a brief and enthusiastic introduction and with the grace of a conductor, synchronized rhythmic beats and reckless laughter erupted. Words such as hopeful, happy, awesome, grateful, and peaceful rang out. One child stated that he finally found something he was “good at”. An adult stated that she felt a deep connection with her ancestors. I highly recommend Kevin. He is a gifted healer who soulfully applies the medicine of music to our wounds.

C Bueno
Haven for Hope
PhD student and Researcher


University of Texas at San Antonio College of Business

I was pleasantly surprised to find that our staff retreat would incorporate music.  The music exercises led by Kevin were wonderful!  I found myself relaxed, yet working with my colleagues in a different setting.  It was amazing that the music team building exercises related to our work environment.   Music can transcend so many people and places.  I would definitely recommend “Drumming Around” if you are looking for something unique and different that brings people together.

Rosa G., Participant


I had a fun, rewarding and stress-relieving experience with Kevin and his limitless supply of drums!  Our team of 25 really had no idea what to expect during the 2 hour session.  However, we quickly came together to make some interesting music.  I would recommend Kevin and his drumming/music approach to any group who is looking for a fun (and loud) way to build their team up.  Way to stay above the line Kevin!

Julio R., Participant


Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary School

The drumming program was a wonderful activity that provided a cultural and musical experience for all of the children. I was so pleased that Mr. Cooley and his assistant were able to provide percussion instruments for all of the students in each grade level group! Over 100 students at a time shared in the positive and motivating drum beats. It was exciting to see the children seated in circles listening and participating with Mr. Cooley, he had an excellent rapport with the students and we would love to have him come and visit our school again! I highly recommend this program!

Ms. Crosby - Teacher, Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary School


Rainbow Station at San Antonio

Recently we had a day devoted to staff development. We are a preschool and after school program with a staff of about 50 people and finding outside trainers to come in house and present trainings that are entertaining and beneficial is difficult. One of our parents recommended Kevin Cooley’s Drumming Around as a good teambuilding activity. We took the recommendation seriously and had Kevin come and do two hour long sessions for our staff. We had him scheduled for the end of our day, as sometimes by the end of the day our brains are tired and we are done taking in information, the interactive class was exactly what was needed. During the class, our teachers were smiling and enjoying the session. It was fun! As a teambuilding activity I would definitely recommend Kevin’s program but I would also recommend it for stress relief. Many of my teachers commented on how much fun it was and that it was relaxing- it allowed them a completely different outlet.

We send out evaluations after our training day to receive feedback and every single teacher rated Drumming Around as beneficial and would recommend it others. One of our teachers has even contacted Kevin to see about having him bring his class to her large family gathering!

Erin Cuny

Assistant Director, Rainbow Station


San Antonio Military Entrance Processing Station

Thank you so much for coming out to the San Antonio Military Entrance Processing Station for our training day. I  have no doubt that everyone had a great time participating in the drum circle team building activity. In particular, everyone participated, and worked together to achieve the objective of creating percussion music. Even those who would be less inclined to play along had a great time.

This was the most fun I ever had in a team building activity. Putting all of my cares behind me, I immersed myself into the instrument and felt like I was in a different world filled with peace and joy. You also encourage me to go for it when my peers goaded me into performing a drum solo. I fear making mistakes in public, so I am less likely to step out that way. Your positive encouragement took me right out of m comfort zone and I actually performed the solo. This was a more significant victory for me than you may realize.

Kevin, I would not hesitate to recommend you to our future commander. We should do this every year. I highly recommend the drum circle to any organization as a fun team building activity with a purpose. This is unlike any other team building activity you will find.

B. Kowald, participant


Abbot Diagnostics

The Drumming Circle facilitated by Kevin Cooley served as an excellent team building exercise for my District Sales Team. Kevin was flexible to work with our busy schedule during our meeting, provided all the set up and tear down, and connected very well with my team. The space, time and budget we had available was limited, and this was exactly the ideal experience I was looking for to help connect with my new sales team, and to have the team connect with each other. Overall this experience provided energy, clarity and valuable for me and my team.

My objective of "team building" was achieved through this very engaging and uniquely different approach that I would recommend as an excellent forum for any business meeting or training. Kevin's applications of rhythmic exercises combined with leadership and listening skills reinforced my training curriculum and the take home lessons can be applied for any business team or organization.

Rober Harris, District Sales Manager

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